Financial industries

This is an example of our solution for financial industries. Financial industries should respond to customer complains effectively to enhance their services. This is also regulatory requirement by many regulators all over the world. However, as there are too many e-mails from customers to read, customer complains may be missed. This is why we provide smart e-mail system to understand what clients say in massive amount of emails. With cross-lingual intelligence, smart e-mail system can accept e-mails in 16 languages.

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Smart e-mail system

  • Let us see what sentiment of email is by AI

  • Classify it based on what product is concerned

  • Perform Q&A to understand what matters

  • Perform similarity search to look for similar cases

  • Make summarisation of what many customers say


Probablity default model

  • Probability of default prediction for credit risk management

  • Using image and text data as well as structured data

  • Provide probability of default for each counter-party