TOSHI STATS SDN. BHD.   (1080362M)

  • Our mission is "democratize artificial intelligence"
  • Our vision is "make computers understand what is going on in the world and make our world better"    

Head office : KLCC at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

TEL   +603-9207-9681

Monday – Friday: 10AM – 5PM


Toshifumi Kuga

Founder and CEO

I used to be a credit risk manager of the consumer finance company in Japan. When I worked at the company, I calculated the probability of default of each customer.  By using statistical models, probability of defaults can be calculated accurately in a timely manner.
Based on this experience I found that data-driven management is critically important to run the businesses. This is why I created my start-up in Kuala Lumpur to provide the knowledge and expertise of deep learning and artificial intelligence to everyone who wants the expertise of them. I use fully connected layers, convolutional neural network and RNN/GRU/LSTM to provide solutions for our clients.




Certificate of Deep Learning specialisation by Andrew.Ng through Coursera (April 2018)

Deep Learning S.png

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What I've Achieved

  • Made a risk management framework in one of the biggest consumer finance companies in Japan
  • Forecast of expected credit loss over the loan portfolio in the company
  • Made an application for the patent about a credit risk management system in Japan
  • Made an Action plan against inspection manual of Japanese financial service agency in the company
  • Consulting for credit risk management  to an Asian commercial bank
  • Conduct internal audit over risk management department in Japan at one of the biggest investment banks all over the world