TOSHI STATS Com., ltD.  

  • Our mission is "democratize artificial intelligence"

  • Our vision is "make computers understand what is going on in the world and make our world better"


Head office : Shinmakityo Building bekkan daiichi 2F 3-2-14 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Monday – Friday: 10AM – 5PM


Toshifumi Kuga

Founder and CEO

I used to be a credit risk manager of the consumer finance company in Japan. When I worked at the company, I calculated the probability of default of each customer.  By using statistical models, probability of defaults can be calculated accurately in a timely manner.
Based on this experience I found that data-driven management is critically important to run the businesses. This is why I created my start-up in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 2014 to provide the knowledge and expertise of deep learning and artificial intelligence to everyone who wants the expertise of them. I use fully connected layers, convolutional neural network and RNN/GRU/LSTM to provide solutions for our clients.

TOSHI STATS moves from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo on July 2018 to expand our AI businesses further. Currently we focus on machine intelligence project by BERT models. Let see our blog in details.




Certificate of Deep Learning specialisation by Andrew.Ng through Coursera (April 2018)

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What I've Achieved

  • Made a risk management framework in one of the biggest consumer finance companies in Japan

  • Forecast of expected credit loss over the loan portfolio in the company

  • Made an application for the patent about a credit risk management system in Japan

  • Made an Action plan against inspection manual of Japanese financial service agency in the company

  • Consulting for credit risk management to an Asian commercial bank

  • Conduct internal audit over risk management department in Japan at one of the biggest investment banks all over the world