What is R language ?

 R is a statistical computing language and used widely among professionals all over the world.  R also can be used for everyone without any fee, although it has incredible functions in it!  Please watch this short movie.


How can we download R language?

First, please go to the R-project site and download R into your PC.   This short movie shows how to do that. (It is recommended to look at it by 720pHD resolution)



Once finish download R,  you can install it by just following instructions.  When you finish installing, you can use R-console which is used in statistical computing. Please look at this movie. (It is recommended to look at it by 720pHD resolution)


How can we do A LITTLE math with R  ?

Please open R,  input numbers/formulas below to console of R ,  press enter key and obtain the answer.  The correct answer is in the last line of this page.

1.   What is (35-15)/10 ?

2.   x=63,  y=7,   what is x/y ?

3.   x=40, y=8, z=5, what is (x/y)+2*z?

How can we calculate statistics with R?  

If you want to learn R deeper,  I recommend interactive tutorial "DataCamp".  It is also free! 

If you need manual about R, please go to "An introduction to R" in The R project.

R: A language and environment for statistical computing.  R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria. ISBN 3-90005107-0  URL  http://www.R-project.org


1.       2 

2.      9

3.     15