This is an example of our machine intelligence platform. As there are too many e-mails to read and customer complains may be missed, we need AI solution to understand what clients say in massive amount of emails. TOSHI STATS prepare models and algorithms of deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing. With these technologies, we can provide the solutions to understand what your clients says in the emails automatically!

Do you need solutions with artificial intelligence(AI) in your business?  Please do not hesitate to contact with us!  We can set up private projects with you according to your needs.  Stay ahead by using AI !





Computer vison model

  • Let us develop classification model for automobile

  • There are four kinds of automobiles in images

  • 4 class-classification model


Probablity default model

  • Probability of default prediction for credit risk management

  • Using image and text data as well as structured data

  • Provide probability of default for each counter-party