OpenAI Gym

TOSHI STATS introduces "OpenAI Gym" as the framework of Deep Reinforcement Learning


Since AI-Go player "AlphaGo" beat human professional Go player in 2016, Deep Reinforcement Learning becomes one of the key technologies to develop machine intelligence. Today I am very glad to announce that "OpenAI Gym (1)" is introduced as the framework to develop this technology. Although there are several frameworks for the environments of Deep Reinforcement Learning,  OpenAI Gym is widely used in the communities of researchers and there are many open source projects with it. OpenAI Gym provides many game-based environments for Deep Reinforcement Learning. Here are several examples of the environments and the code to run it.


Hope I can update the progress of our development of Deep Reinforcement Learning soon.

Regards  Toshi


(1) OpenAI Gym, Greg Brockman, Vicki Cheung, Ludwig Pettersson, Jonas Schneider, John Schulman, Jie Tang, Wojciech Zaremba, 2016