On-line courses for data analysis and machine learning

at your own pace

Anytime and anywhere 

Our courses are provided through internets so you can learn anytime and anywhere as long as you can access to the internet. Presentations can be seen repeatedly until you can understand the concept of each topic on our courses.

step by step

from basic to advance

To obtain the expertise of statistical computing and machine learning, Basic mathematics such as function, matrix are needed. No need to worry about as courses for basic math are available here. In addition, we use R language as a primary statistical tool in our courses and you can learn how to use R from the beginning.

analysis of real world data

Data coming from IMF, FRB and World Bank, etc., 

Most of the data in our courses are taken from the official institutions such as the IMF, FRB and World Bank, etc., Therefore, you can get the sense of the real world through data analysis in our courses.